This Bouncer’s GoPro Video Shows Just How Sh*tty Everyone Becomes on New Year’s Eve

This is actually cringeworthy.

How was your New Year’s Eve? Did you dress up in your finest formal wear and hit the town with your friends? Were you a gallant gentleman, ringing in 2016 with the style and poise we’d expect from a Maxim Man?

Probably not. No matter how charming that last shot of bourbon made you feel, most drunk people are the absolute worst — especially on New Year’s, when anxiety and expectations only serve to heighten the potency of your cocktail.

One bouncer at the Gatsby nightclub in Ontario decided to rock a GoPro on his sleeve to show just how drunk and hopeless New Year’s revelers really are. The footage was shot in 2014 and uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago, but that doesn’t matter — for the drunk and and unseemly , the high-pitched shrieks of “where’s my coat?!” (0:18) and “duuuuude!” (6:17) could be any day of the year.

Here’s a word of advice: the bouncer is your friend. Have a drink and have a good time, but don’t have an attitude.

h/t Uproxx