Meet the Woman Behind the Mysterious Bread Face Blog

“I won’t smoosh anything I don’t want to.”

In early December, the internet (and New York City in particular) was thrown into a state of fascination and confusion over the Bread Face Blog. The concept is simple—one woman alone in a room, doing exactly what it sounds like: smushing her face into various breads. In just a few weeks her Instagram account quickly grew to over 20 thousand followers, and for a time she remained silent. So elusive was she, journalists  who couldn’t secure an interview resorted to publishing fan fiction about her, postulating about her motives. After emailing, some writers reported receiving simply a bread emoji back as a response.

Was she getting paid? Is this a stunt? Am I supposed to be turned on? There were as many uncertainties as there are seeds on a Palagonia Large Seeded Twist roll

12. Cornbread 🤔

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Having piqued our interest about her doughy proclivity, Bread Face agreed to an interview over email, but it perhaps left us with more questions than we started with. While we may never totally comprehend shoving ones face in yeasty byproducts, we now know her favorite breads to indulge in, her plans to monetize her craft, and what her mom thinks about the blog. Bon appetit.

What would you prefer I call you? Does Bread Face work?
Bread Face is great.

What first gave you the idea to stick your face in bread?
I thought it would feel good…and I was right.

Your Instagram account has only been around for 21 weeks, but you already have 24.2K followers. Why do you think bread facing has attracted all this attention?
It makes people laugh! Also, I just can’t imagine anyone outright hating it. I mean, the worst reaction is to roll your eyes and scoff at the Internet but even then, you’ll probably still queue up another one. 

How many people reach out to you through email or Instagram? What’s the strangest question you’ve been asked so far?
Not as many people as you’d think actually! The truth is, I can read all my comments, emails, and DMs at a pretty relaxing pace. As for the strangest question…I have a high tolerance for “strange” so I’d have to say that even beyond all the sexual things, I get a lot of people asking me why I do what I do.

Do you have a favorite bread to “face”? Why?
I enjoy them all. I can say which one was the most pleasant for my face—the Kaiser Roll was fantastic…as was the wonder bread, naan, and tortillas. Ok, so I like a lot of them but if you watch those specific ones, you can tell they’re my favorite.

What about least favorite?
The seeded ones are rough on my skin but I love seeing the visible irritation and going through my skincare ritual to calm everything down.

Some people have suggested this is the newest, undiscovered fetish. Is bread facing in any way sexual for you?
Everything about food and relating to food is very sexual.

Do you think watching your videos might be arousing for fans?
I can see that. Putting your face in things in general is sexy.

You sometimes share with your followers where the product is from. Have any of the owners of the restaurants or shops reached out to you? What do they think?
Nope! I’d love it if they did (hint hint) but no, it’s not something I’ve really looked into. A few local shops do offer to feed me which I’m always down for. 

Has any store ever offered to send you bread to “face”?
Yes but I won’t smoosh anything I don’t want to.

In an interview with Oyster, you mentioned some people are trying to buy the bread you’ve smushed. Why do you think they want it? If there were a feasible way to sell it, would you?
Maybe it turns them on that I’ve rubbed my face on it or maybe it’s just a fun, novelty item for them—not entirely sure but I would definitely sell it or send it to people if they asked. I will have a site very soon where I suppose people could bid/buy/ask for the bread, but honestly that’s not the point of it. 

You’ve also said Mukbang (a genre of film often featuring hot women eating on camera) might have subconsciously influenced you. What do you think of Showry’s ketchup video?
I’ve never seen this before but it. is. fantastic. Wow. She’s hilarious! This totally may not have been what she’s trying to get across but I think she’s shedding a light on the ridiculousness of being turned on by Mukbang? Having said that though…I get why people are turned on and I don’t think it’s strange. We can’t help the things that get us off, we can only try to be responsible about it. I think Mukbang is harmless. I get it. It’s a cute girl getting excited about something that’s going to go inside her and then very enthusiastically consuming it… **shrug** 

Why did you pick Instagram for your platform of choice?
I’m terrible at articulating this so I’ll just say it’s my favorite social app. It just gets it. Tinder: dating apps :: Instagram : social media apps

Do you think you’ll ever open it up to live video feeds, like Snapchat or Periscope?
Hmm…I don’t think so. I think it would dilute it a bit. On that note, I actually get a lot of unsolicited advice about how to monetize and grow Breadfaceblog and turn it into something big and it’s all really great advice but I take a step back and…it’s just ridiculous. You’re talking about me putting my face in bread. And it’s crazy how quickly something that makes you happy can easily turn into a chore so I would hate for that to happen. Maybe it’s because I’m a romantic but I don’t think Breadfaceblog is something that needs to constantly evolve or stay relevant. I know that’s bad marketing or whatever but I’m just having fun and if people get tired of it and I slowly lose all my followers, I’ll be very sad of course but I’ll be happy it happened. As for the ones that stick around—I’ll know it’s a forever thing.

Do your close friends and family know that this is your account? If so, what do they think about it?
My mom just wants me to wear a bra. And I’m sure if my dad saw it he’d worry I’d never get married but you know…different priorities. I’m just trying to get in some bread uk [sic]?