British Special Forces Sniper Annihilates ISIS Suicide Squad

How many bullets does it take to kill five ISIS thugs? In this case, only three. 

A British Army sniper with the elite Special Air Service (SAS) killed five ISIS suicide bombers–and he only needed three bullets to do it, the Express reports

The SAS sniper and his team were monitoring an ISIS bomb factory outside Mosul, Iraq from a distance of 800 meters when five men in heavy coats emerged.

The Brits suspected the men were concealing suicide vests, because coat-wearing weather is still months away. So the sniper decided to gun them down.

His suspicions were confirmed when the first bullet struck one of the ISIS fighters in the chest, exploding the bomb strapped to him and igniting a fiery blast that instantly killed two of his cronies.

The SAS sniper then dropped a fourth ISIS thug with a headshot, while target number five tried to run back inside the factory. The door was locked. He got shot, too.

The British Army concluded that the doomed ISIS squad were en route to a nearby village, where they planned to stage a suicide attack. 

“This was a classic SAS mission,” the Army source told the Express. “With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.”