Bugatti’s New Furniture Collection Is Fit For the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Home furnishings inspired by the insane Bugatti Chiron.


At the recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile design show in in Milan, Bugatti unveiled a new Bugatti Home Collection in homage to its insane Chiron, the world’s most powerful, fastest, luxurious and exclusive production supercar.


The exclusive range of luxury home and executive furniture “is a tribute to the flamboyant spirit which characterizes the most famous automotive brand in the world”, declares Alberto Vignatelli, CEO and Chairman of Luxury Living Group, which is producing the collection for Bugatti. 


Under the guidance of Bugatti Design and in collaboration with Etienne Salome, head of Bugatti Interior Design, Italian architect Carlo Colombo came up with the sexy furnishings.


Furniture frames are made of carbon fiber just like Bugatti’s cars, melded with steel, glass and leather of the same texture and quality found in the Chiron’s cabin. 


The unique Bugatti two-tone color scheme, the sinuous lines of the Chiron and the famous Bugatti horseshoe-shaped front grille all make appearances in the collection, which includes a sofa, desk, chairs, and more. 

If you spill anything on these, it had better be an ice bucket full of Cristal.