This One-Eyed Bullfighter Just Got Gored In the Eye Hole Again

You can’t unsee this.

Long-time bullfighter Juan José Padilla, a.k.a. “The Pirate” stepped in the ring in Zaragoza Spain on Sunday ready to do his job as an entertainer and athlete. He had no way of knowing that his match would end in the most cringe-worthy way possible, as his charging four-legged opponent managed to gore him right in the eye. Fair warning: the following video will, at minimum, make you wince.

The good news is the bull’s horn hit Padilla’s empty eye socket; he’s known as “The Pirate” because he wears an eye patch, having already lost his left eye in a match in the same ring in 2011. 

While the video might make you think Padilla was badly hurt, he ended up with only a concussion from the encounter. 

We’d think he might also have some new doubts about his line of work. A one-eyed bullfighter is a tough hombre worthy of respect. If the bull manages to get the other one next time, well, there’s no such thing as an eyeless bullfighter, as far as we know.

h/t New York Post