Buy This House: A Massive Hacienda in Palos Verdes

This 50,000 square foot estate brings the Spanish Mediterranean to Southern California. Also, it’s ridiculous.

Where is it? A little town called Rolling Hills, CA, so privately gated that it makes privately gated communities look like a Greyhound terminal in Cleveland. This is a gated city!

The House: Palatial and ornate, the huge amounts of open space are a huge plus. 

The Selling Point: If you’re going to go big, this is how you do it. Featuring beautiful views and privacy, while still being close enough to Los Angeles to be able to dip back into the city, you’re looking at the perfect place to entertain or get away. 

By The Numbers: 9 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 2 pools, 2 tennis courts (one indoor hard court built to US Open specifications, one outdoor clay court built to French Open specifications), a 10,000 square foot Turkish bath, and a 6 car garage. And so, so much more. All for a breezy $53,000,000.

Where Can You Buy It? From Marcie Hartley at Christie’s International. 

Photos by Mark Singer