Buy This House: An O.G. Tuscan Estate

Money may not buy happiness, but it goes a long way to buying la dolce vita.

Where is it? In the hills near Lucca, so you can live out your own, very manly, version of Under The Tuscan Sun.

The House: You’re getting so much property that it includes two full villas. One of them is yet to be restored, but the one that already is has a rustic exterior that gives way to sleek and modern renovations.

The Selling Point: The estate is a piece of living history, nestled away in lush green hills. You’ll be living like the nobility who lived there back in 1400s, with the added bonuses of Wifi and indoor plumbing. *Kisses fingertips*

By The Numbers: 6 bedrooms, vineyards, olive groves, the O.G. family chapel, two swimming pools, plus the services of an architect, cooks, and maids. Start saving your Euros: This one goes for 12,000,000 € (according to our number crunchers, that’s $13 million and change).

Where Can You Buy It? From Tuscan Sotheby’s International Realty