Buy This House: A Sky Mansion on Vieques Island

Buy Casa Cielo and live with your head among the clouds.

Where is it? Vieques Island, a small (21 miles wide, 4 miles long) and mostly undeveloped tropical escape that’s part of Puerto Rico. Vieques is the home to exquisite and exclusive beaches, lush vegetation, and wild horses running free. (Wild, wild horseeeessssss.)

The House: Set on six acres of property, the 17,264 square foot villa boasts sleek, solid architecture, bolstered by large pillars and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. But it blends in with and enhances, rather than interfering, with the natural landscape.

The Selling Point: Getting to say that you live in a Sky Mansion is pretty fucking cool. Besides that, this is basically an island fortress – you can only get there if you drive down a long, unmarked road first.

By The Numbers: Six acres, 17,264 square feet, five bedrooms (the master bedroom is a 1650 square foot glass-walled pavilion with 20 foot ceilings), nine bathrooms, a deep-fryer, a pool, and a wine cellar that can house up to 1,000 bottles. All for only only $7,800,000!

Where Can You Buy It?From Oriana Juvelier of Sotheby’s International Realty