This Calculator Will Tell You Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

They should have been teaching this kind of math in high school.

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition, layered with nuances and differing levels of severity. Some researchers, like Dr. Vincenzo Puppo, suggest it shouldn’t even be labeled as disease or dysfunction, since there is not always a biological reason it’s occurring in every instance. And though some men can treat or prevent ED with kegels, some may ultimately wind up turning toward medication.

But that’s all years and years down the line, right? In the meantime, there are things you can do to better understand the factors that may contribute to ED. For example, trying your luck on this handy calculator.

The folks at SuperDrug Online Doctor not only have a very trustworthy website name, but also have culled research from a study published in European Urology that polled over 4,000 men to identify red flags that may lead to ED. They concluded that the average man, age 20 years, has a 7% likelihood of having ED. But some activities, like smoking, heighten that probability.

Try your hand below, and let the panic begin.

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