Canada’s ‘Sluts Against Harper’ Will Send You Nudes For Your Vote

Canadians don’t much like their Prime Minister — and they’re getting naked to prove it.

Canada will hold federal elections beginning on October 9, and some ingenious Canadians are coming up with novel ways to encourage fellow citizens to head to the polls — by promising them nude photos for performing their civic duty.

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Oct 7, 2015 at 8:45am PDT

As Vice reports, an Instagram-based campaign dubbed VOTES4NUDES wants to encourage voter turnout with a simple promise: send a selfie with a sticker proving you voted and get a nude in return. Equal parts sexy and rebellious, the campaign is a saucy middle finger to Canada’s current Prime Minster, Stephen Harper.

A photo posted by Sluts Against Harper (@votes4nudes) on

Oct 7, 2015 at 7:23am PDT

That’s why the Votes 4 Nudes Instagram account is also called “Sluts Against Harper” and not just VOTES4NUDES. In an interview with Vice, campaign creator “Jessica Simps,” a college student in Montreal, explained the logic of the campaign:

In the sex-positive and queer community, “slut” is a really empowered word. It’s also fun. We want to keep it equally light-hearted and flirty, and engage people in a way that is engaging, while making “sluts” a powerful thing. If there’s anything that Stephen Harper doesn’t care about, it’s women and women’s bodies, that’s for sure.

Simps’s original get-out-the-vote plans were more, well, intense. “The first thing I did was post a status on Facebook promising BJs for votes, but I think that scared too many people away because it’s not realistic,” she told Vice. She’s right: that definitely would have been more labor (or “labour,” if you’re a Canadian)-intensive.

A photo posted by Sluts Against Harper (@votes4nudes) on

Oct 6, 2015 at 2:45pm PDT

We applaud these true Canadian heroes for putting their nudes towards their civic duty. We also hope the idea catches on in neighboring countries. At the very least, “Sluts Against [name of candidate you hate goes here]” would catch on big time in the United States, and probably make 2016 way more fun than it already is.

Photos by Votes4Nudes/Instagram