Watch These Coworkers Find Out They Won $60 Million

Don’t act like you wouldn’t have the same reaction.

Everyone wonders how they might react if they won the lottery. Watching 12 employees at one company in the Ontario, Canada city of Markham discover they’ve just won $60 million (Canadian) gives a pretty good demonstration of the way anyone might respond to such awesome news.

The co-workers, all employed at Canadian Black Book, learned of their winnings Monday. They will receive $5 million each, and The Starreported many will do exactly what we’d do and spend some of their winnings “on ‘cars and travel.'” The Star report also said—amazingly—that the winners “have no plans to retire and intend to be back at the jobs they love on Monday.” They will continue playing the lottery.

We’d probably be hunting down a bottle of Jack Daniels’s Century and stocking up on the best overcoats for the coming chilly weather.  Or even better, seeing if Whiskey Island is still for sale

Seriously, though, it’s hard to not be happy for our newest Canadian best friends—we hope they’re rolling in the finest poutine right now. 

Photos by Photocreo Bednarek/AP Images