Watch: This Rally Car Crash Footage is Poetry In Motion

The driver is fine, the car—not so much.

The 2016 Podbrdská Rally Legend is a race for souped-up legacy cars which took place on Eastern European backroads between May 20 and 21. Rallys are perhaps a little more popular outside the U.S. though they sound exciting—at least for the drivers, who speed down narrow strips of asphalt cutting through farmland and forests. 

As the early footage from the GoPro inside Martin Kdér’s no. 34 showed, it was an almost idyllic drive, right up to the moment Kdér’s vehicle began pulling to the left. At that point, Kdér team member Martin Fefko edited the footage to give a knuckle-biting look at just what it must be like for a driver in that situation—everything slows down, and we see every crack in the windscreen glass. Then the camera is ejected and it captures the bizarrely graceful form of the car twisting in the air above. It’s easily the best slow nightmare crash video we’ve seen.

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Fortunately, as Fefko wrote on his Youtube page, all teammates were “OK but car is K.O.”

We’re glad no one was hurt. Now the only thing missing from this striking video is a little classical dance music.