Using a Cell Phone in the Bedroom Could Ruin Your Relationship

A new study tells us what we already knew.

Woman with phone
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(Photo: Getty)

Asurion is a tech company with an interest in what you’re doing in the bedroom. That probably sounds worse than it is.

The company conducted a study aimed at American’s bedroom habits when it comes to cell phone use (that kind of study is a thing these days). What they found: If a number of people are finding their love lives lacking, apparently there’s a good reason why. That phone.

Dude, put it down.

To put a fine point on it: Americans are almost 50 percent more likely to fiddle with their cells when in bed, leading to a lot less fiddling with their partners.

What happens? Partners essentially climb under the covers then remain in their own little bubbles. A certain amount of necessary communication is lost. 


There are plenty of fine details that you could pull out of any extensive study like this, but it’s better to just cut to the chase as far as recommendations for solutions to this problem. Per BroBible, here are just a few:

• Put your phone on the charger 30 minutes before bed, after setting alarms, so you can unwind without a device stuck to your hand.
• Customize Do Not Disturb settings to only allow important or urgent calls and notifications to come through in the evenings and at bedtime.
• When chatting with friends online or via text, initiate wrapping up the conversation earlier in the evening to avoid staying up too late.
• Consider using your smartphone to kickstart activities that you can your partner can do together. For example, play music both you and your significant other enjoy to help get into a romantic mood, or setup a slideshow of memorable moments to watch in bed together.

Yeah, everywhere you turn these days you can find some recommendation for a “digital diet,” and often that’s just b.s. Having a powerful hand computer available at any given moment is awesome.

Having a partner not distracted by that phone and paying more attention to you is much better.