This Sinkhole in China is Everyone’s Worst Nightmare


Anyone who gets a little tense just walking across a sewer grate or heat vent for a subway system may want to hold off on clicking play for this video. This is security camera footage of the moment a sinkhole beneath a sidewalk in Harbin, China opened up and swallowed five people whole.

Passion Times, a Chinese news site, indicated the more than 6-foot-deep hole opened up beneath a bus stop. BuzzFeed noted one victim with lightning fast reflexes appeared to break her fall by clinging to a cable laid beneath the sidewalk tiles.

Passion Times reported that of the five sucked into their own personal disaster movie, four were rushed to nearby hospitals. The Associated Press report said they “received minor injuries to their feet, legs, arms and shoulders.”

Once they make it home they will have a hell of a scary story to tell and, we imagine, an abiding fear of sidewalks.

Photos by Screen grab/AP video