China to Tourists: Please Stop Fondling This Statue’s Exquisite Breasts

Further proof that tourists can be the worst. 

Tourists, man: Always walking slowly on the sidewalk, always pulling out selfie sticks at every occasion possible, always taking lewd photos of themselves cupping the exquisitely sculpted breasts of a statue of Yang Guifei, the wife of a Tang dynasty emperor, and subsequently getting scolded by the Chinese authorities.

After a few immature visitors to China’s Huaquing Pool were spotted taking photos of themselves grabbing the statue, they are now facing a ban to the area, with Chinese officials calling their actions “uncivilized behavior.” This news comes a few months after tourists we caught carving their names into the Colosseum. In the wake of these incidents, we’re pretty sure the number one rule for traveling is: look, but don’t touch (followed closely by leaving the fanny pack at home).

Photos by Getty Images