Watch These Crazy Cyclists Cheat Death On a Utah Cliffside

Never try this anywhere.
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Cliff cyclist Utah

And yet he's not dead.

The Gold Bar Rim Cliff in Moab Utah is 400 feet from the dry scrub flatland below and not even the kind of place to safely take a pleasant morning stroll, much less race along the edge. Don't tell that to pro mountain bikers and all-around daredevils Nate Hills or Kyle Mears, though. 

Near the end of April the pair decided to take a leisurely ride at cliff's edge, one of the bikers strapped with a hi-def video camera. The end-result is 2 minutes and 44 seconds of pure white-knuckled motion-stabilized footage. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

If you survived that and think you want more, check out Hills or Mears on Instagram for closer looks at the guys threading their way through intensely dangerous situations. 

Then take your bike for a sedate roll through the local park and don't even think about going near any cliffs in your own neighborhood. 

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