This Cliffside House Is a Thrill-Seeker’s Dream Home

Ever wanted to live in a giant, concrete home wedged into a cliff?

This daring home is not for the faint of heart….or anyone prone to dizziness. The concept, designed by OPA architects, embraces the style of brutalism (sharp lines, with a raw, modern aesthetic) juxtaposed with an almost romantic setting. The end result is home that both inspires fear and awe. Provided you don’t look down.

For cooling purposes in an arguably exposed area, the property, dubbed Casa Brutale, would utilize thermal insulation from the walls by way of a swimming pool on the roof. Well, sure.

No matter where you look, there would undoubtedly be stunning oceanic views

The interior features a thin, steel staircase, master and guest bedrooms, as well as sleek furnishings and glass paneling to soften the wood and concrete and complement the airy views.

Well, this is one way to avoid door-to-door canvassers. 

Photos by OPA