Here Are the Top 20 Colleges Where Students Are Having The Most Sex

*Ass* is in session!
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College is about getting an education and also, let's face it, getting it on. 

With many hot young people away from parental prying eyes all at once, nature is just going to take its course. Obviously all institutions of higher learning aren't uniformly horny, however, and via the graphic below we've learned which university is number one in number of students getting extracurricular work done in the bedroom. 

Most Sexually active colleges

That's right, unexpected sexual hotbed Temple University in Philadelphia can raise that big foam Number 1 finger right now and pet themselves heavily on the back, they're the winners—and apparently still holding on to that Most Sexy title after receiving it last year. CollegeStats notes why that's kind of ironic:

Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may have been founded by a Baptist minister in 1884, but today it’s the most sexually active campus. Temple University, with its population of more than 37,000 students, takes advantage of its urban location in the heart of Philadelphia by doing a different kind of social study between classes.  

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After that it's Rutgers then Texas A&M in second and third place. Colleges in warm southern states like Texas are well-represented on the list as a whole, and we'd guess there's some correlation there between amount of skin on display year-round and students getting their extra credit on after classroom hours. 

The stats were culled from surveying 2000 active students as well as college alumni. and CollegeStats asked questions pertaining to how often students had sex, their impressions of the campus's general horniness, as well as the average number of partners a student had. 

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The disturbing aspect of what they discovered was that more than 15 percent of the people who responded didn't use condoms in their encounters.

You learn best from experience and it looks like Temple, Rutgers, and Texas A&M are certainly providing that. The condom stat makes us think they need send a certain percentage of students to some kind of remedial sex education. 

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