Watch Combat Veterans Toke Up While Talking About Experiences With PTSD

Bong rips for vets.

The same people who introduced a group of grandmas to the seemingly miraculous benefits of marijuana are back with a new weed-fueled clip. 

For this more serious-minded video, YouTube channel WatchCut hooked vets up with some pot and interviewed them about living with an all-too-common psychological affliction in combat veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

All three say they have PTSD, and one describes what sounds like a pretty hellish experience. 

“It’s like living with a constant fear of something. PTSD is a fucking thorn in my side,” says the man on the right. 

After they take a few bong rips, pass around a joint and and enjoy some pepperoni pizza and other munchies, the conversation lightens momentarily as they play a quick game of Never Have I Ever. 

As they become sufficiently stoned, the same man who described his hell on earth perfectly sums up why marijuana might be a useful treatment. 

“I feel safe, which is great. I enjoy that feeling,” he says.  

Seems like if it works that well, weed for vets is something we could all get behind.  

h/t: Bro Bible