What the Hell Is the Condom Challenge?

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think condoms are supposed to do that.

At this point, the world barely bats an eyebrow when another inexplicable internet craze sweeps through our feeds. We had the Ice Bucket Challenge (aka the largest wet t-shirt contest known to man), and even worse #NoBraDay, which supports a thing we love (boobs), but actually made no concrete effort to raise funds for breast cancer. 

Now, feast your eyes on the Condom Challenge, the next iteration of seemingly pointless internet phemons, where you drop a condom full of water on your head and…laugh about it? According to Tech Insider, the first occurrence can be traced back to this strange video from Japan:


While we’re not exactly sure what they were hoping for, the result looks like it surprised both of them. A condom full of water, when introduced to our good friend gravity, creates a bizarre bubble-like effect that to be honest kind of reminds me of water-boarding but seems to be pretty funny for all parties involved. 

Pouring through the hashtag #CondomChallenge on Twitter brings up hundreds of young people attempting the bizarre stunt, for virtually no reason except exposure.


We, however, think it’s funnier when it doesn’t work.

We’re stupid thanks to me we got soaked lol #condomchallengepic.twitter.com/n0pkzwJuAV

— cassy (@VitaBella__) November 22, 2015

Hey, at least these kids using condoms at all. So without decrying this fad as another useless, self-indulgent ploy for attention, here’s what we’ll do: We’ll look the other way. But if you’re gonna put in the effort to make one of these videos in the first place, for each one that goes viral, make a donation to fight prostate cancer instead. It’s the perfect way to give back to a condom’s best friend: your junk.