Confirming What You Already Knew: Your Penis Is Perfect

Science has finally told us to take a breather.

Size does matter…right? Because talking about (and drawing…see below) dicks has become a common occurrence in the 21st century, Swiss scientists channeled their inner Cosmopolitan and got down to business to find out what exactly women find attractive about a man’s penis. The answer may surprise you (and put any misplaced performance anxiety to rest).

A new study published to The Journal of Sexual Medicine states that a woman’s number one concern about dicks is their overall cosmetic appearance, followed by pubic grooming, girth, and skin aesthetic, to name a few. The length of the penis landed at a measly sixth place, which basically squashes most of the dick jokes you’ve made throughout your life (who jokes about girth anyway?). While this study was done originally to help men suffering from a rare genital disorder known as Hypospadias, now self-conscious dudes around the globe can find out just how to make their penis the prettiest it’s ever been. Pro tip: invest in a buzzer.

Photos by Getty Images