Congratulations to the Winner of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest

But really, in a contest like this, isn’t everyone a winner?

Give a man a body part, and he’ll find a way to objectify it. Don’t believe us? Earlier this month, Brian Sloane, the creator of the Autoblow2—a sex toy that simulates oral sex—announced that he’d be holding a contest to find the world’s most beautiful vagina. (Props to contest’s URL——for its beautiful, straightforward simplicity.) The purpose of the contest was to find a vagina on which to mold Sloane’s new sextoy, which will be designed as a vaginal sleeve, à la the Fleshlight, rather than a mouth.

With eyes on the grand prize of $5,000 and the opportunity to be immortalized as a jerkoff accessory, 182 women entered the contest. People then had the opportunity to rank them from one to ten, and one lucky winner was announced: Nell (name has been changed), a 27-year-old from the UK whose vagina ranked an impressive 7.7.

More Maxim Videos interviewed the lucky winner who said “[My boyfriend] has always told me, you have a cute, chubby vagina.” She also attributed her win to “the position, the lighting, the’s the wrapping rather than the gift.” Along with the $5,000, she’ll be flown to Berlin to have her ladybits 3D scanned for the new sex toy. 

You can view all of the entries here, in a link that is completely NSFW (really, we can’t emphasize this enough: unless you work somewhere that’ll be cool with you looking at 182 close-up shots of vaginas, do not click on it at your desk).

Looking through the entries, we can’t help but notice most of them depict fairly homogenous, completely clean-shaven vaginas. Sure, they’re attractive—but so is whatever you’ve got going on down there.

Photo courtesy of Flickr