Look At This Couple Who Wants You To Know About All The Hot Sex They're Having

So hot, they keep getting reported.
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If you’re like me, you listened to your mother when she warned you about posting sexually explicit pictures on the internet. If you’re like Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang, you did not.

The free-spirited couple from Australia is a big fan of documenting the steamy hippie sex they have in a series of highly suggestive Instagram posts, complete with captions that sound like sex scenes from tacky romance novels that have Fabio on the cover. I should also mention that Mitch sometimes throws in a monkey emoji or two in the captions for added emphasis.

Unsurprisingly, people love seeing artsy bohemian Instagram porn, and Mitch and Sally have a combined following of over 180,000. But that doesn’t stop haters from reporting some of their pictures, some of which, Sally says, were posted on a day when the couple was “desperate for each other’s bodies.”

Because of Instagram’s community guidelines on content involving sexuality, boobs, and butts, the pictures were sadly taken down. “Instagram deleting this upset me a little, after I had spent so much energy creating it,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “Sex is not taboo, but amazing and powerful.”

According to Mitch, “Sex enables anyone to push their creative limits and I believe sex is art, in every aspect of the term.” And I believe it, because I felt like I did a bunch of LSD and had hypnotic sex in a patchouli-scented alternate dimension, just scrolling through their IG pages.

The couple made a New Year’s resolution to be even more open about sex, which I did not think was even possible. 

Good for you, Mitch and Sally.

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