Look At This Couple Who Wants You To Know About All The Hot Sex They’re Having

So hot, they keep getting reported.

If you’re like me, you listened to your mother when she warned you about posting sexually explicit pictures on the internet. If you’re like Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang, you did not.

The free-spirited couple from Australia is a big fan of documenting the steamy hippie sex they have in a series of highly suggestive Instagram posts, complete with captions that sound like sex scenes from tacky romance novels that have Fabio on the cover. I should also mention that Mitch sometimes throws in a monkey emoji or two in the captions for added emphasis.

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All she was wearing were black thigh-high stockings and a silk blind-fold, no panties. She was on her knees, hands tied behind her back, legs spread as widely apart as was comfortable for her and bent over our couch… Her world in that moment was the sound of my voice and the feeling of my subtle but very apparent touch. I slowly ran my tongue up from the back of her right knee to the top of her thigh, and a little further, making sure that I let out a steady, heavy, warm breath at the same time. I ended the lick with a soft kiss then planted my lips on what was left of the inside of her left thigh, about as close as I could without kissing her 🙊. With that kiss, I moved an inch higher and gave another, then another. Without touching her I paused for a moment, so that she could feel me there – my face an inch away from her. She could feel my breath right where she wanted to feel my tongue. I started to breath faster and heavier, as I did I could hear the excitement in her breath. Her body started twitching, she was begging for it, even subtly trying to move her self towards my face, I had her right where I wanted her 😈 'Stop!' I told her, and we both froze, I held my breath for a few seconds more then slowly I let out another long, steady breath and as it ran out I guided my tongue onto her. As soon as I connected with her I stopped moving, I could feel her shaking, twitching, but I stayed completely still for a moment then I slowly guided my tongue up through her, so that it was only just touching before I pulled away completely… I want my posts like this one, to inspire you, YES YOU!!! 🙈 to explore your mind sexually and then EMBRACE IT! It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship, most people are afraid to fully express themselves sexually. Communication is the key to not only a healthy sex life but your entire life. Our voice is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. Wars could literally be ended through communication. Stop being frustrated by the experiences you haven't had yet, talk to your sexual partner about what you want, also be prepared to hear theirs and be understanding. @sallymustang 🌻🌺😍 #wordsendwars

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Unsurprisingly, people love seeing artsy bohemian Instagram porn, and Mitch and Sally have a combined following of over 180,000. But that doesn’t stop haters from reporting some of their pictures, some of which, Sally says, were posted on a day when the couple was “desperate for each other’s bodies.”

Because of Instagram’s community guidelines on content involving sexuality, boobs, and butts, the pictures were sadly taken down. “Instagram deleting this upset me a little, after I had spent so much energy creating it,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “Sex is not taboo, but amazing and powerful.”

When he kisses me I'm transported to somewhere exotic. The sound of the jungle fills my ears, a running stream and a warm climate. Fuck I'm sweating already and we haven't even begun. My mouth opens slightly. I take his bottom lip and nibble at it gently. His tongue starts to claim me. Suffocate me in a way that makes my Mind numb. The kisses move to my neck. Then my collar bone. I'm hot. Boiling, I rip my dress off. I can see his eyes take in my body. I know how it looks. I love my body. I can tell his trying hard to not touch- Restraint. ” You need me ” I whisper ” Yes ” his mouth takes mine. The kiss is wild. Mitch pulls away. His eyes look into mine. Green tonight. They are forever changing. Blue some mornings. Green in the afternoon.. “Lay down sweetheart” I do what he says, and look back at him. Im trying to play it cool but there is Sex in my eyes. “Don't move, I'm tying you up” He knows me too well. In real life I love to be in control. I hate anyone telling me what to do, so this is a thrill. He starts by tying my hands together behind my back. He hands go through my hair then breath to my ear. Body pressed against me. I can feel how excited he is. “you are so beautiful” he whispers. I turn to kiss him. “No gypsy. Don't move. Don't make one sound. If you do, I will stop” My whole body slackens, my heart rate is faster my body is on fire, but I force myself to slow my breathing down. Don't move sally, Don't move… I can't have him stop. He opens my legs and ties them to the bed. His hands touch the insides of my thighs. Teasing. .. @mitchgobel_resinart confidence in the bedroom and in every aspect of his life is so compelling. Inspiring. Sexy. He has gone through hell and back to discover himself and Be able to express himself confidently. I enjoy him so much. I'm lucky enough that naturally I have always been authentically myself. Comfortable and confident to express myself. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. I don't spend time worrying what others will think of me. I just never have. Like a child. I'm honest. Our love for one another is so intense. I dream of great things together. Two souls become one.

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According to Mitch, “Sex enables anyone to push their creative limits and I believe sex is art, in every aspect of the term.” And I believe it, because I felt like I did a bunch of LSD and had hypnotic sex in a patchouli-scented alternate dimension, just scrolling through their IG pages.

The couple made a New Year’s resolution to be even more open about sex, which I did not think was even possible. 

Good for you, Mitch and Sally.