Here’s Why Binge Watching TV With Your Girl Is The Key to a Great Relationship

Turns out “Netflix and Chill” is scientifically proven to keep her happy…

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(Castle Rock Entertainment)

Way back when, we told about a spectacular study that revealed that if you want to be happy in your relationship, you should booze with your girl all the time, because alcohol is the glue that keeps couples together. 

Yup, an actual scientific study found that couples who get fucked up together, stay together. Now that’s the type of science the world needs more of.

Wow, isn’t booze miraculous? It’s the reason and the answer to many of our most pressing life problems. I love you, alcohol.

And guess what else? A similar study recently discovered that getting tanked together isn’t the only group activity that strengthens your relationship and makes you feel warm, happy things about your girl.

Apparently, couples who binge watch TV together are a lot happier than other couples who do lame stuff, like take walks together or have meaningful conversations and shit, because nothing says “I love you” like mindlessly staring at a screen for hours and not saying anything.

For the study, which was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers surveyed over 200 participants in long term romantic relationships on how satisfied they are with their partner, and asked them how often they consume media together, which basically means how many episodes of Game of Thrones they watch in a row together.

The results revealed that the couples who spent more consuming media together were a lot more satisfied with their relationship than everyone else, and reported feeling closer to one another, as well as more confident in their connection. Aww. Thanks, Netflix.

And if you really want to feel close to your partner, I highly recommend combining the suggestions of the two studies, and getting hammered with your boo while binge watching a show. It’s like double the bonding in half the time.

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