Watch This Wild Footage Of an F-16 Dodging Missiles in the Gulf War

It might take another 25 years to catch your breath.

Fighter jets iraq dod

The first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq regime has almost begun to seem like musty history now. It was 1991, Bush I was in the White House, and the first run of Twin Peaks was on TV. In a video posted by Task and Purpose, though, some of the hairiest moments of the Gulf War come screaming back in the form of F-16 fighter jet footage of a U.S. pilot miraculously dodging Iraqi missile fire.

It’s a real white-knuckle ride and the audio is crucial to understanding just what the pilot callsign “Stroke 3” was really up against. 

As noted by Task and Purpose, Youtube user Scott Jackson uploaded the footage years ago — but it’s only recently gotten the attention it probably deserves as a real-life thrill ride as well as a historical document of the realities of modern air war.

The video is close to 10 minutes in length. It starts to get heavy about three minutes in.

Buckle up.

h/t Task and Purpose