Cristiano Ronaldo is Now the World’s Highest Paid Athlete

The Portuguese footballer is raking it in.

Dennis Doyle / Getty Images

Super-jacked Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is raking in more than any other athlete in the world according to Forbes, having earned $82 million in 2015 alone. That total included his $53 million in bonus money and salary from Real Madrid as well as $29 million in endorsements for everything from sneakers, cologne, and underwear to headphones and herbal supplements.

Ronaldo ascended to the title because Floyd Mayweather, the undisputed highest paid athlete of all time, “retired” in September — but only after raking in $300 million between June 2014 and June 2015. However as we noted earlier this month Mayweather recently trademarked “TMT 50” and “TBE 50” — referring to the 50th bout he has yet to fight. So Mayweather may return to not only fight again but reclaim his position atop the list of millionaire athletes.

Europe Press / Getty Images

Ronaldo can enjoy the spotlight for now. Whatever his true position, he’s certainly not acting like second best. Ronaldo recently  paid a sweet $18.5 million for a loft at Trump Towers, owns a fleet of 19 supercars including a Bugatti Veyron, charters pricey yachts, has supermodel girlfriends and his own Gulfstream jet

His regular spa appointments to stay waxed and plucked alone would probably break a lesser man’s budget, but for Ronaldo, we suspect they’re mere pocket change.