Drink Like a King With Crown Royal's New Limited Edition Whisky

Canada's favorite hooch just unveiled the Cornerstone Blend.
(Photos: Crown Royal)

(Photos: Crown Royal)

Crown Royal is on a roll. After shocking the spirits world by clinching 2015 World Whisky of the Year honors with its Northern Harvest Rye, the suddenly-cool Canadian brand has released a limited edition Cornerstone Blend, the first expression of its new Noble Collection.

Crown Royal — originally birthed as a boozy gift for King George VI when he visited the Great White North in 1939 — sought to blend three disparate whiskies into Cornerstone: a feisty Canadian rye, a smoother whisky from the the brand's Coffey Still, and a "bourbon-style" whisky aged in charred white American oak. 

Cornerstone is said to possess "the taste of sweet red apples and oak spice" and is redolent of "cherry pie, baking spice and dry toasted oak shavings." (At least that's what the press release promises.) And of course, the handsome crystal-cut bottle comes in the brand's trademark purple felt bag. 

If you're among those who are down with the Crown, it might be time for a royal tasting.

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