Here’s the One Sex Move You Need to Know

So simple, yet so good.


(Photo: Getty)

Apparently, there’s one sex thing you should be doing that I’m assuming not many of you do. No, it’s not butt stuff. It doesn’t involve hot wax or nipple clamps either, thankfully.  

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According to recent research by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada and Trojan condoms, you should hug your lady right after you give it to her good, because those little hugs are “as important to a woman’s pleasure as foreplay.” As important as foreplay? Suuure. And yes, this is the mighty sex move that makes the ladies swoon.

And like I said before, most men don’t hug or cuddle after boinking, and opt for the ol’ postcoital knock-out or a swift exit instead. Am I right? Yes I am. Don’t even try to deny it – the researchers found that 53 percent of men skip hugs and cuddles and any form of after-sex intimacy. Come on, fellas.

Well, if that sounds like you, you should start hugging the woman you bump genitals with if you want to do it with her again, because the study found that cuddling boosts women’s sexual enjoyment by 30 percent. 30 percent! That’s pretty significant when it comes to sex.

And if she enjoys sex with you 30 percent more than if you were to just roll over and pass out, she’s going to love having sex with you, and will probably sleep with you many, many times. See where I’m going with this?

Many sex?! Very good.

Robin Milhausen, author of the study, says cuddling is the “easiest” way to improve your relationship. Seriously. It literally takes a modicum amount of effort to stick your arm under her head and fold your other arm over her and squeeze gently for a little bit before removing yourself from the situation and going to sleep. So simple.

You cuddled, she’s happy and satisfied, and you can take your post-sex nap with the peace of mind that you’re definitely going to have sex with her again. The end.