Dan Bilzerian Made a $600,000 Bet. Now He's Training With Lance Armstrong to Win It

This may not end well for the King of Instagram.
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Apart from his impressive poker skills, internet bad boy Dan Bilzerian is generally known for the crazy antics and wild partying that have earned him the title of "King of Instagram." Now, a $600,000 bet with a friend may have landed him in the most grueling moment of his internet fame: training with pro cycling legend Lance Armstrong for a month.

Bilzerian, in typical Dan Bilzerian look-I-have-16-million-Instagram-followers-so-I'm-basically-invincible fashion, bet a friend that he could bike 270 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in just two days. There's only one problem: Bilzerian spends his time partying, not exercising, and it's been a long time since the Navy had him whipped into shape.

No worries, Dan. Joe Rogan is here to help:

That's right: the world's most insufferable internet personality is getting a major assist from the world's most maligned cheater to win an insane and unnecessary wager. Frankly, we're a bit worried that Bilzerian, receiving his training from an infamous doper, might collapse on the asphalt in some podunk town or spiral into a 'roid rage if he actually tries to take on this challenge.

On the upside, this ridiculous bet has yielded one silver lining: this ridiculous '80s-style montage featuring lots of guns and, uh, lots of bikes:

What a world we live in.

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