Denmark Is Now Paying Citizens to Have More Sex

*Checks Delta* *Buys ticket*

Time and time again, we see proof that the Scandinavian nations are absolutely nailing it. Sweden just announced plans for a six-hour work day, Finland has some of the best school systems in the world, and now Denmark is doling out incentives for its citizens to get freaky. 

Danish travel agency Spies

is all too aware of their population’s decline in childbirths in recent years, and they’ve come up with a sexy plan to change that. Based on the widely accepted theory that you have more sex on vacation, plus the proof that

exercise makes you want to get off

, they’re giving a bonus for Danish youngsters to go on an “active” vacation. In fact, according to the agency, 10% of all Danish children are conceived on holiday. The discount they’re offering to help people get to baby-making is 1,000 Danish Krone, which translates to roughly $150.

The premise alone is beautiful enough to make you shed a tear, but the ads themselves deserve a standing ovation.

With taglines like “Do it for mom” and “Have sex for Denmark!” these commercials are literal masterpieces. But Denmark is so fucking baby crazy, they haven’t stopped here. If you use their “ovulation discount” (yes), they’ll enter you to win three years of baby supplies if you have a kid.

What are you doing still reading? Go get your Danish citizenship and start banging for love of country.