David Hasselhoff Is No Longer David Hasselhoff

“I’ve been wanting to drop the hassle from my life for years.”

David Hasselhoff, the brawny 80s ur-dude of Baywatch and Knight Rider fame, is no longer David Hasselhoff. 

The 63-year-old actor announced on Thursday that he’s taken his beloved fan nickname ‘The Hoff’ to heart and changed his name … to David Hoff.

“I’ve been wanting to drop the hassle from my life for years,” Hoff said in YouTube video. “Now, I have made it official: David Hoff.”

This is kind of ridiculous, right? Yes, it is — and it’s also probably not a a real, legally binding name change. A Hasselhoff spokesman toldUS magazine that the video is “an excerpt from an ad campaign that launches in Australia this weekend … David is just having some fun and more will be revealed in the next 24 hours.”

We’re honestly praying that this isn’t just a publicity stunt. Please don’t mess with us, Hasselhoff: After your ventures in ridiculous pop music and drug rehab, we’re not sure your career can take it.

h/t Washington Post