The 5 Days of the Year You’re Most Likely to Have Sex

Surprisingly, Valentine’s Day isn’t number one.

It’s our biggest joy in life unearthing sex secrets that help you get it on with reckless abandon. So naturally it’s with great pleasure that we unveil the findings of the 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey. This gargantuan study polled 5,117 people ages 18-34 about every nitty-gritty detail of their sex lives—and the answers are raising eyebrows as well as pulses.

When asked about annual occasions that were most frequently celebrated with nookie, the most common response was birthday sex, with a whopping 79% of millennials owning up to it. Coming in second place was Valentine’s Day with 73%, while anniversaries (67%) and vacations (63%) rounded out third and fourth.And finally, it might surprise you to know that not everyone is getting busy on New Years—just about half, or 58%, drop a ball when the ball drops.

But you don’t have to wait for one of those occasions to increase your odds of getting it on. The study also showed 55% of millennials report having make-up sex after a heated argument.

So there you have it: pick a fight, and reap the benefits. Isn’t science wonderful?

Photos by Getty Images