WATCH: What It’s Like To Go Snowboarding In The Desert

This badass video shows how insane “sandboarding” can get.

Snowboarders are pretty much everyday daredevils at this point. As thrilling as the icy mountain sport truly is, snowboarding is also conventional enough these days to be a staple of the Winter Olympics. Its hot weather cousin, sandboarding, is another creature entirely, as this amazing video shows.

In conjunction with action sports behemoth/energy drink purveyor Red Bull, snowboarder Wojtek Pawlusiak and Polish rally racer Kuba Przygoński joined a camera crew to put together this intense vision of the Pawlusiak and Przygoński shredding the hell out of dunes in the UAE desert on the Arabian Peninsula.

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Watch it and then try to sit still with that sympathetic adrenaline rush pumping through your veins. 

h/t High Snobiety