Do Women Actually Want More Sex Than Men?

A new study is shedding light on age-old stereotypes.

Whoa whoa whoa. Back the hell up here. Pretty much every romantic comedy (or fight I’ve had in a relationship) is based off the notion that men want to get it on all the time, and women reluctantly find excuses for why they’re not in the mood, typically involving headaches or the need to wash their hair.

But it turns out, pop culture may have been lying to you this whole time. More and more studies are finding that while various factors influence women’s sex drives (women place a high value on emotional connections, they face more societal pressures, etc), they equal, if not exceed that of men’s. 

Kindara, a fertility app for women, of all things, polled 500 women in an attempt to get a more honest look at their sex habits. And the results are great news for men: 53.2% want more sex than they’re currently having, almost 75% want to have sex more than three times a week, and 13% want to get it on more than six times a week.

Gentleman, this is not to say that we won’t still have the occasional hair-washing emergency, but the odds might be more in your favor than you thought.

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