This Tool-Toting Dachsund Is Our Favorite Assistant Mechanic

Little guy just wants to help.


Spending any time online—especially social media sites like Facebook—can render you immune to the charms of photos of pets or kids doing adorable stuff. ‘Oh yay, look, that kitten is stuck in a tree, whatever’ and we’re just clicking back to Pornhub or Twitter

Every now and then something new breaks through though, and this serious dachsund from somewhere inside the Russian Federation did it for us. BoredPanda was kind enough to introduce him to an English-speaking audience and stated that the little dude’s “photos are all over the Russian internet, nobody knows where exactly in Russia this happened.” 

“Looks like you need a 9 millimeter Allen wrench on that one, Yuri.” (BoredPanda / Russian Social Media)

If you have a weiner dog and are considering turning him or her into a pack animal in a similar manner, note that this mechanic’s canine companion is bearing a pretty light load that’s evenly distributed. He doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort. 

For heavier loads, consider getting a bigger, sturdier dog. Honestly, that’s as good an excuse as any for getting a new dog, period. If you’re lucky, it’ll be as helpful as our mysterious and industrious Russian friend.