We Can’t Unsee This Photo of Donald Trump With a Man Bun

This is offensive to the Donald and decent Americans everywhere.

There are two hairstyles that currently provoke intense emotions from Americans at this particular cultural moment. One is a pretentious, offensive, uptight, rage-inducing disaster, and the other is presidential contender Donald Trump.

Say what you will about the Donald, but the man more than anyone else knows how to take a hairstyle (a whole persona, really) and make it his own. The man bun, on the other hand, won’t just make you look like a damn dirty hippy but ruin your hair.

So what happens when you slap Donald Trump and a man bun together? Utter disaster.


Let it be known that, despite the country’s love for ridiculing the real estate mogul and reality TV star, I will take the Donald’s signature ‘do any day over this knotted-up monstrosity. America deserves better.