The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Foreplay

Sometimes, the appetizer is the most delicious part of the meal.

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I’m not even going to waste time beating around the bush: The first ‘do’ of foreplay is always, always engage in foreplay. This is not amateur hour, and you are no longer a clueless teenager desperate to get it in as soon as possible. At this point in your sexual career you know it takes us ladies a little longer than you to cross the finish line, so pre-gaming for the big act is a must if you want to maximize pleasure for you special gal. And get this, guys: Not only will the sex inevitably be better for the both of you, but she will also be more likely to return the favor.

Ah, now I’ve got your attention. Grab a pen and take note of our essential rules of foreplay.

Don’t: Rush. Foreplay is all about anticipation. You want to tease your partner until she’s absolutely begging you for the real deal (and believe me, she will be begging if you’re doing it right). Start at her neck and work your way down, kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking along the way. Take your time and gauge her reactions. When she’s made it clear you’ve hit your stride, go with it.

Do: Mix it up. They don’t say “variety’s the spice of life” for nothin’. While we absolutely love it when you go downtown, take this opportunity to use more than just your tongue to get us off. Keep your hands busy while your mouth works its magic elsewhere. Play with her nipples, pull (lightly) on her hair, maybe even give her a little spank if the mood strikes. Women love surprises, so keep her guessing and watch her turn to putty in your hands.

Don’t: Assume. We’re sure you know exactly what you’re doing, but it’s always a good idea to ask your partner what she really wants and needs to take it to the next level. We’re all wired differently, so do yourself a favor and find out what she’s actually into. You never know, you could even learn a thing or two. (A general PSA: If you have to ask, she didn’t come.) 

Do: Get to talkin’. Dirty talk, that is. If you really want to kick things up a notch, stroke her ego while you’re stroking something else. Compliment your partner, and tell her all the sexy ways in which you plan on pleasuring her. This will keep her head in the game and her focus on you and all of the amazing sex you’re about to have. Just be sure to choose your words wisely; the wrong sentiment could led to coitus interruptus, and that’s no fun for anyone. 

Don’t: Fake it. If you’re not at least pretending to enjoy the foreplay, your partner is going to pick up on your disinterest and will likely want to abandon the bedroom entirely. Therefore, unless you want her faking it, get excited about the fact that you actually landed a babe who wants to have sex with you in due time. Once you’re there, you’ll see and feel exactly why it was worth the wait. 

There. You just served the perfect appetizer to a truly mouth-watering meal. Now, go forth and foreplay, you cheeky bastard