Doo Doo The Clown Is The Hero We Need

No, seriously.

Somewhere on the mean streets of Toronto he’s lurking, even today—a force for laughter and good in an unpredictable and violent world. He’s Doo Doo the Clown, and he’s here to rescue you. No joke: Shane Farberman, a.k.a. Doo Doo The Clown, was recently recognized by City of Toronto and City Councillor Norm Kelly for bravery

As reported by CP24, Farberman really did display some guts above and beyond merely being a grown man in a clown suit calling himself Doo Doo. He was, he told the news outlet, driving “a carload of clowns” between shows in downtown Toronto when he spotted a man behaving strangely. “I saw this man jumping on cars. He was wearing just shorts, no shoes, no socks and a shirt,” he said.

Farberman had the presence of mind to turn the Doo Doo Mobile around—we don’t know if he calls his car that, but we hope so—and call 911. 

Things got worse, reported CP24 and the Toronto Sun. Footage from a dashcam showed the man harassing women on the street, then chasing them. 

That’s when Doo Doo the Hero Clown went into action, shouting for the women to get in his vehicle. It’s easy to imagine that they might have hesitated, but in the real world a crazy half-dressed guy chasing you trumps friendly clown in a car for scary any day, and the women got in. The man went berserk then, according to Shane Farberman: “The guy went crazy,” he told CP24, “He started kicking, banging, he ripped my mirror off.” 

This happened as the women the man had chased recoiled atop a rear seat full of other clowns. 

Police eventually arrived and arrested Wei Guo, age 25, who police later said may have been high at the time. If so, imagine how bad the trip was once he confronted a carload of savior clowns.

We say give it up for Shane Farberman, Doo Doo The Rescue Clown. He may have singlehandedly in a moment of bravery taken a huge step toward wrestling the clown’s modern image as a symbol of ball-shriveling terror away from the villain in Stephen King’s IT and dead serial killer and occasional party clown John Wayne Gacy.

At least a half-step.

Photos by Norm Kelly / Twitter