Show How Much You Love Her This Valentine’s Day With a Bouquet of Doritos Roses

Because there’s nothing sexier than Dorito dust.


(Photo: Doritos / Getty)

Well, hey there, Casanova. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and no doubt you’re thinking of winning the heart of a special someone with a thoughtful gift that will sweep her off her feet, right?

As a man, you know all too well that society whispers in your ear to get the woman you love a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. They do symbolize love and romance, after all. But you know what? Screw that. I think it’s time you get her something different this year.

Tulips? Nah. Violets? Hmm… no. Carnations? HELL no. Doritos? Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Be her noble knight in shining armor and give her this gorgeous bouquet of 12 hand-crafted Doritos roses, with delicate petals made of tasty Ketchup-flavored Doritos.

(Photo: Doritos)

Look how exquisite they are. So orange. So salty. So perfect.

(Photo: Doritos)

So screw red roses. This Valentine’s Day, show the saltiest woman in your life how you really feel by ordering her a bouquet of Ketchup Doritos roses. Plus, they’re free, so everyone wins.

Don’t live in the delivery zone? No matter, you can just make your own Doritos rose bouquet! All you need to do is follow these super simple instructions:

(Photo: Doritos)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the hungry ladies out there.