What Your Sex Dreams Really Say About Your Love Life

Sweet dreams are made of these.


We’ve come a long way since the days of Freud somehow connecting all of our dreams to the Oedipus complex. But even if a pipe is just a pipe, our dreams still have lots to say about our sex lives and relationships.

Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of the new book The Love, Sex and Relationship Dream Dictionary, tells us the meanings of some of the very common things we dream about every night, and one thing is for certain — all dreams lead to sex. We’ve chosen and paraphrased some of our favorites for you below. Sweet dreams, people.

If you’re in some sort of messy relationship, you might dream of mud, because mud is messy. Just like your relationship. Symbolically speaking, you might want to wash that dirt away by resolving the issues in your love life, particularly by working on your communication skills, since mud can symbolize a void in that department.

Having a shit-ton of cold, hard cash in your dream means you’re feeling powerful and worthy of having an amazing love life. Dreaming that you’re poor might mean the exact opposite – that you feel worthless, crappy, and not deserving of girlfriend grandeur. Does this mean money equals love and happiness? Possibly. Or maybe it’s just literal and you’re actually poor.

A BDSM-style dream that involves being spanked can mean three things: you’ve done something bad and want to be punished, you want to be dominated, or you just like kinky S&M sex. If you’re the one doing the spanking, it might be because bae did something you found unsavory, and you want to address. Or again, maybe you just like kinky S&M sex. You would know.

Whether you’re dreaming of riding a Harley off into the sunset, or dreaming of just sitting on it doing nothing, motorcycles in dream-land mean one thing – you want to break some relationship rules and do something crazy. Maybe you just need to go nuts and hook up with a rando or two. Hell, have sex on top of a motorcycle while you’re at it, since it’s what inspired you in the first place.

This is the most wholesome dream you can have, because seeing green in your dream indicates happiness and gratification with your love life. Hot new flame in your life? Green smoothies in your dream. Finally dumped your toxic girlfriend? Dreaming about Shrek. Just really happy for reasons unknown? Broccoli everywhere.

Dreaming of heat or warmth is all about sexual energy, love, and passion. Maybe you have a lover who makes you feel all warm and cozy inside, or maybe they just make you en fuego in your pants. Either way, when you’re hot for someone, you feel it in your dreams.

You know how foreplay is all about getting warmed up, taking your time, and enjoying your lover’s body? And you know how most people half-ass foreplay? If you have a dream about foreplay, you’re one of those half-assers. Take your dream as a message from your subconscious telling you to slooow dooown and do sexy time the right way.