Indulging In These 'Risky' Behaviors Will Help You Land A One-Night Stand

Listen up, gentlemen.
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Want to know the secret to being that guy who has tons of one-night stands? Smoke some cigs and down a glass of whiskey. Seriously.

Thanks to a new study, we now know that men who drink and smoke are seen as more attractive, but only for one-night stands and short flings. I mean, just look at old-timey photos of James Dean or Marlon Brando. There's always a cigarette dangling from their lips, and they were branded as some of the sexiest men of all time.

The study, conducted by Eveline Vincke at Ghent University in Belgium, revealed that risky behaviors like smoking and drinking make men a whole lot hotter, but obviously not because it makes them smell like a drunk ashtray. That’s not very attractive.

Apparently, smokers and drinkers are hot because these behaviors are "risky," and risky behaviors are sexy.

In the study, 239 women, aged 17 to 30, were asked to read profiles of various men which described their smoking and drinking habits, were also asked if they thought those behaviors were risky or dangerous.

Then, the participants answered certain questions, such as if they agree with the statement “sex without love is okay.” Finally, they were asked how attractive they would find the men in different relationships, such as in a short fling, a one-night stand, or a long-term relationship.

Analysis revealed that for short term relationships like flings and one-night stands, men who smoked and drank alcohol were seen by women as more attractive, because these "risky" behaviors made them seem more sexually open. So it's literally the one time smoking is cool.

In the second part of the study, 171 men were asked about their smoking and drinking habits, as well as their attitudes towards sex and relationships. As it turns out, men who drank alcohol are more sexually open, and men who smoke are geared towards short-term relationships. So the women were right!

Long story short, smokers and drinkers seem more attractive thanks to their carefree attitudes and openness regarding sexuality. 

So there you have it, the secret to being more attractive, even if only for a short while.

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