These Are the Kinds of Booze That Make Us Most Emotional, Ranked

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

drinking champagne
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Sometimes, drinking gets the best of us, and we break down into a mess of alcohol-soaked tears, audible sobs, and snot bubbles. And that’s totally fine. It happens to the best of us.

Maybe it happened to you after you got dumped, or during a particularly emotional day. Just two harmless drinks, and all those unsavory feels popped up out of nowhere and were like “Surprise, bitch” and sucker-punched you harder than you hit the bottle.

Most other times, however, drinking is a fun and beautiful experience that makes you feel a myriad of positive emotions, such as joy, elation, creativity, or a very familiar tingle in your crotch commonly known as horniness.

But have you noticed a trend about how different alcoholic beverage make you feel? And which emotional state happens most often when you drink?

Perhaps wine makes you sad, while tequila makes you perky and happy. Or it makes you forget all feelings and you just black out. Everyone is different. 

A new study from titled Alcohol-Fueled Emotions surveyed over 1,000 people from across the U.S. “to understand how drinking alcohol makes them feel, from nostalgic or creative to sad or anxious,” and found out exactly which drinks are most associated with which emotions, as well as the most common emotions people feel when they hit the bottle.

Not surprisingly, the top emotion we feel when we drink is happy, with 94.8 percent of men and 96.7 percent of women reporting they feel jolly and blissfully untroubled after knocking back a couple drinks. 

The second most common emotion was found to be nostalgia, with 48.4 percent of men and 41.1 percent of women saying they get all dewy-eyed and wistful when they get their buzz on.

Interestingly, though, the third most common emotion was found to be disgust, followed by creative, and then anxious. 

You can see the complete list of top booze-induced feels in the infographic below:


And now, let’s talk about “the drinks most commonly associated with specific feelings,” because it’s always wise to know which drink is going to unleash some ugly feelings that are better left festering in the pit of your stomach for the time being. 

First off, it was found that men feel happy when they drink wine, cocktails, and IPAs (in that order), while women feel happy when they drink cocktails, wine, and vodka. Good to know. 

We also know that vodka, gin, and whiskey tend to make many men feel a little sad and mopey, and likewise, wine, whiskey, and tequila make the ladies feel blue. If you’re a sensitive person who gets emotional easily, perhaps you should be mindful around those drinks. 

Check out the rest of the emotional spectrum in the infographic below:


I’d just like to point out that wine is one hell of a drink that makes feel women feel happy, sad, nostalgic, and creative, as you can see above. From that, I think we can conclude that wine is a blessed elixir that possesses the ability to make people feel anything and everything, so it’s probably wise to serve wine on date night with caution, depending on her mood.  

Anyway, you can check out the rest of the stats and fun facts the survey found right here.

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