This Drone Video of Sharks Swarming off the Coast of Florida is Awesome and Terrifying

Do you see those shadows? Those are all sharks.

In what seems like a perfect marriage of drone use and scary sharkness, Business Insider posted re-cut drone footage of a shark swarm just off the Florida coastline, with arguably much better music than the original video. The end result is a delightful combination of fearful and gorgeous., the site that posted the original footage, reports this is a look at “over 100 sharks swimming around the sandbar outside of Destin Florida’s East Pass.”

It shouldn’t be any surprise that sharks have a history of rattling the nerves of beachgoers in this area. In April, 2015, the Daily Mailreported on a blood-curdling moment when residents of Destin’s Silver Beach Towers spotted a hammerhead shark tailing a swimmers in the shallows below.

Realistically, though, the Emerald Coast blog wants visitors to know that “shark attacks are very rare” in that region, and they consider sharks welcome undersea citizens. The upshot is, it’s still safe to swim off Destin.

Which is all good and everything, but we’ll stick with watching them from a safe drone’s length away, for now.


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