Want To Smell Attractive To Women? Eat More Salad

It’s all biology, folks.


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Smell is one of the most important biological markers that we subconsciously notice when seeking partners. Humans have this innate ability to detect who they’d be genetically compatible with, and the way a person smells on an essentially undetectable level dictates who we’re attracted to. Fascinating stuff!

How do we “smell” other people? Through their sweat, of course! Not the stinky B.O. armpit sweat—that’s something else, and it’s never attractive when you reek of swamp-pits. 

The sexy sweat comes from a different type of sweat gland called eccrine glands, which are all over your body. These glands produce ‘odorless’ sweat to help the body cool, among other things—like attracting females.

Guess what—there’s a way to make your lady-attracting sweat smell even more attractive, so you can get all the hunnies. Men who eat low-carb, carotenoid-rich diets naturally smell better than those who eat higher carb diets. You can thank science for teaching you this useful fact.

In a new study published in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers studied the sweat samples of men who have different diets, and in order to do that, they had females sniff-test the sweat (yum) and then rate the samples on their respective qualities.

The results found that men who had diets rich in fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of fat, meat, eggs, and tofu—a.k.a. low carb and healthy—had sweat that smelled floral, fruity, sweet, and medicinal, which is attractive. On the other hand, men with high-carb diets had sweat that smelled less pleasant and basically not attractive.

Keep that in mind next time you think of scarfing down a plate of spaghetti and consider opting for a salad instead. Do it for the ladies. 


Zeynep Yenisey