Skip the eBay Bidding Wars and Get the New Issue of Maxim Right Now

The December issue is becoming a collector’s item.

Maxim has been the nation’s leading men’s magazine for years, but our December/January issue featuring the “World’s Sexiest Businesswoman” is flying off the shelves. 

Several enterprising eBay auctioneers have already put the issue up for sale, priced as high as $19.99.

Frankly, we’re flattered. But here’s a pro tip: The magazine is still on newsstands all over the country, where it can be had for a mere $3.99. At that price, why not buy three or four? Better yet, you can also just subscribe. That way, you’ll never miss another issue. And if you’re in a giving mood this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. For a limited time, we’re offering two subscriptions for just $14.99

Your children’s children will thank you.