El Chapo’s Idiot Son Revealed His Fugitive Dad’s Location on Twitter

Kid’s allowance may get docked for this.

Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s escape from Mexico’s Altiplano Prison was impressive. His son Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar tweeting a photo of someone who looks just like his dad having a meal in a restaurant in Costa Rica with his location settings on at the end of August was less so.


The Telegraphreported that the younger Guzman “regularly writes about his father on social media” and the paper translated the tweet to read, “August here, you already know with whom.”

It does look like the fugitive drug lord in the photo, as many who tweeted responses to the 29-year-old were quick to point out.

The New York Daily Newscited local media in Costa Rica in reporting that Costa Rican authorities “are investigating the Twitter post.” The Daily News also reminded readers that footage of El Chapo having a beer and riding in a plane surfaced soon after the kingpin’s maverick escape from prison. A law enforcement official told reporters at the time that the beer and plane footage could be part of a ruse.

El Chapo is wanted by the United States and Mexico, as are at least two of his sons. The Mexican government, embarrassed by his bold escape via a 1-mile long tunnel dug under the prison, is offering a nearly $4 million reward for anything that leads to Guzman’s arrest.

Alfredo “Alfredito” Guzman’s tweets were pegged to his Costa Rica location until he appeared to stop. Previous tweets appeared to come from Dubai and before that, naturally, from Sinaloa. Life on the run appears to have been pretty good for the Guzmans—perhaps, that is, until your social media-obsessed kid forgets the whole “not telling the authorities where you are” bit.

Since September 1st, only automatic tweets from a follower-counting app have been posted to Alfredo Guzman’s account. An Instagram account he linked the same day he tweeted the photo that may have revealed his father’s whereabouts, saying it was his “only account,” contains no photos.

Photos by Screen capture