Emma Watson Just Announced One of Her Secret Sex Tips

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If there was any doubt, British actress Emma Watson is officially a doe-eyed book worm no more. In a recent onstage sit-down with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in London, the starlet who began her career as a Harry Potter cohort matter-of-factly plugged a website she clearly finds enlightening: OMGYES.

According to the NY Daily News, “A friend told me about this website called OMGYES, which is dedicated to female sexuality,” Watson said during a talk at the Emmanuel Centre in London. “I wish it had been around longer. Check it out.”

The site’s content draws on bona-fide scientific research; think Masters of Sex meets an online tech start up. Its focus is exclusively on techniques that elicit female orgasm, which they gathered by enlisting the help of more than 2,000 women. Subscribers can access said tips via candid videos and interactive, touch-response clips for tablets and phones, so you can use the advice, um, on location.

Such advice, however, does not come free: the initial series of 11 episodes will cost you $59. 

When Maxim spoke with OMGYES cofounder Lydia Daniller in December, she shared Watson’s enthusiasm: “It would be great if governments or foundations would research this kind of information and make it free somehow. But it’s so taboo that they haven’t. So the only way it can happen is private companies borrowing the money — and having to charge to make that money back, keep the lights on and do the next stage of research and production,” she explained.

So why was Watson so quick to share her secret sex tips? Well think about it: she is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.