Enter The Dragon With This Freaky Monster Face House Built On a Spanish Cliff

We’re ready to move in.


It could be the perfect abode for a Bond villain, the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones or perhaps just a very literal architectural tribute to Bruce Lee’s greatest film. 

This striking Spanish home inspired by a dragon’s face was built by Madrid-based firm GilBartolome Architects on a an impressively steep, 42-degree cliff in Spain’s Grenada province that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

The fire-breathing property—which evokes the mythic monster courtesy of windowed eyes and mouth and a scaly zinc roof—is mostly buried underground and owned by a wealthy couple who had it specially-designed in 2015 to perch atop the extremely rugged plot of land they own.  

The split-level living room of the one-of-a-kind home, dubbed House on a Cliff, features a cantilevered terrace, three bedrooms, glass balconies, and a swimming pool on the lower level—all with stunning views of the gorgeous blue-green waters below. 

While we’re fairly certain that no real dragons were used in conjuring up the home’s magical design, there’s no doubt that it totally slays.

H/T HiConsumption