Two Hunters Take Epic Selfie With a Bald Eagle

Here’s a selfie we can get behind.

There are only three circumstances in which it is acceptable for a grown man to take a selfie. One would be midway through some sort of extreme activity, such as mountain climbing or skydiving. The second would be when in the company of a lady friend (sentimentality is cool if kept at a minimum).

The third, as it turns out, is in the rare event that a bald eagle cozies up for a group selfie.

Two brothers from Canada, Michael and Neil Fletcher, recently proved this when they snapped possibly the most epic selfie to ever hit the Web. While out hunting grouse, the Brothers Fletcher stumbled upon a rare sight—a grounded bald eagle with its talon caught in some sort of trap. Though the bird of prey was stunned, the brothers approached it with caution, wrapped it in a jacket to avoid getting slashed, and then unclasped its talon from the trap.

Then they took what is easily the apogee of man-selfies.

Michael and Neil, ever the Good Samaritans, released the bald eagle back into the wild.

Bald eagles were only just taken off the federal list of threatened and endangered species in 2007, after years of protection under the Endangered Species Act. But we fear this bald eagle may forever be mired in the vanity of selfie culture. 

No eagles were harmed during the taking of this selfie.

Photos by michael.fletcher.984 on Facebook